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SpringAwards vs. OpenAwards


Bachelor Final Work of students Tiago Martins (Informatics Engineering) and Pedro Vareta (Applied Mathematics), discussion on 15 February 2018. The project Spring Awards, a new version of OpenAwards, is a web application and mobile for Android, where it is possible to register an account for voting or event creator, to vote and participate in this event. The goal is to use this application for creating public and private events, to be able to reach a winner and award a prize, or simply to arrive at a consensus or a poll. It has a mechanism for generating links or tokens for each event, which can only be made by the creator of the event, only those links can be shared on social networks. This project served to test the concept in Spring MVC Framework technologies, use of various Apache Foundation open source tools, secure login sessions through Spring Security, Hibernate, MySQL Workbench Community 6.3, JavaServer Pages, but although technically quite acceptable , of having tested and validated most of the concepts, and of having been enriching for the students who worked on it, the design fell short of expectations and it lacked to create the page for each one of the entities that is a most important requirement.