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«OSIKMCN» - Office for Supporting Information and Knowledge Management in Collaborative Networks




CNFrameWork - Framework for Collaborative Networks (OpenSource) information management tools and knowledge in collaborative networks of organizations

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Center for Scientific Research and Technological Development - is an organic unity of OSIKMCN endowed with scientific and pedagogical autonomy, multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary nature, with innovative, geared towards scientific research, fundamental, applied and technological development, namely: management of information and knowledge in collaborative networks of organizations, education, training, certification and qualification of capital human, social action, technology, health, culture, organization, management, and others as part of new projects.

Main objectives:

  • New methods, strategies and tools for managing information and knowledge in collaborative networks of organizations;
  • Models of socio-technical analysis and collaborative processes;
  • Collaborative networks of enterprises form a strong, interdisciplinary research area that encompasses components like Chain Management, Virtual Organizations, Collaborative Networks, and addressing complex problems in design and management;
  • Promote the dissemination of scientific knowledge and give visibility to the research undertaken or underway in OSIKMCN, supporting the publication of international scientific papers, as well as the participation of researchers in the scientific activities, and conducting colloquiums, conferences, seminars and other international events;
  • Creation of international scientific journals;
  • Promote programs and projects of collaboration and / or cooperation with institutions and scientific research centers, international networks, always promoting possible organizational models for research networking, as well as participation in other scientific structures considered strategic;
  • Models for collaborative business networks, to support the management of the life cycle of a network, through dynamic management, coordination and planning capabilities in dynamic networks, decision support systems, heuristic optimization objectives and technical and semantic interoperability;
  • Promote and develop fundamental and applied research in their scientific fields.