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Certification & Qualification Centre

Recognition validation certification

Throughout life, people acquire and accumulate knowledge, skills, competencies, attitudes and behaviors through their daily experiences and their relationship with the environment. A certification & qualification of OSIKMCN means evidence of the theoretical and practical knowledge acquired from a particular subject labor market-oriented, attesting the holder possess such knowledge.

Recognition, Validation and Certification of Non-Formal Professional and Vocational Skills

These certifications and qualifications programs allow to obtain certificate of completion vocational or professional recognition (Theoretical and Practical Certification & Qualification List); and credits are added to one of the following types of flexible pathways:

  • Non-Formal Postgraduate Enhancement Certificate
  • Non-Formal Postgraduate Specialization Certificate
  • Professional and Vocational Non-Formal Certificate

Modality: Face-To-Face and Distance

Schedule: Flexible

Languages: English or Portuguese

Contents: Flexible

Pricing (Theoretical and Practical Skills):

  • Exam or Case Study - € 49.50 (VAT included);
  • Issue Certificate - € 15.00 (VAT included) when the score is greater than or equal to 75%.
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