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Learn electronics, computer science, physics, mathematics, programming and robotics using traditional and in most cases outdated methodology, for many students and graduates can be little motivating.

At the same time teaching methods have emerged, new products and markets that are facilitators of learning, very motivating and creating the "guts" of innovation, research and entrepreneurship. However, the majority of teachers, even the Electrical and computer engineers are not knowledgeable or have a little practice, apart from being a bit expensive.

So we can help to attract more people into these areas, contributing to broaden their knowledge, possibly to become better professionals, to undertake with innovative ideas and application.

With a group of researchers, trainees, students, to make it more dynamic; organize and participate in events on the theme; compete in competitions; invigorate courses, training and workshops on the subject for teachers, trainers, and being asked by teachers and trainers to give some classes in school or training center, all levels from pre-primary to higher education if does not have resources (robots and the like) or teacher/ trainer does not feel prepared. We can also organize training sessions to be taught in teacher training centers and existing trainers in the national network public or private.


  • Controlling a robot with your phone, simulate the control of domestic equipment with a tablet at a distance, making objects fly, teach programming with PC, electronics and robots vs. instead of having a background screen where heavy massive black appear some messages and write some commands, etc ...;
  • oriented programming for embedded devices, ie, robots with a pre-programming and / or also the possibility to program microcontrollers, so that it is more difficult but much more didactic and depth (Robot follows lines; Magic Cube;);
  • Industrial PLCs without programming, so that entered into this club, learn more about the control of medium equipment / large and make their models, to put into practice the best control over the equipment and its efficiency, making a brainstorming on same (examples: Control of a railway line with stations, Parking, Home Automation - smart House).