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Flexible training pathways options:

  • Open Professional and Vocational Training Certificate in eBusiness
    • Professionals or aspiring without academic degree
    • The sum of at least seven (7) training units
  • Postgraduate Enhancement Certificate in eBusiness
    • For holders of academic degree
    • The sum of at least seven (7) training units
  • Postgraduate Specialization:  Open Professional and Vocational Master Certificate in eBusiness
    • For holders of academic degree
    • All  the following training units and the Certificate Final Project

Flexible modalities: presence-based and distance (eLearning and bLearning)

Schedule: Flexible

Languages: English or Portuguese

Contents: Flexible

Pricing: The sum of all training units


Recognition, validation and certification


Theoretical Training

  • Internet Technology Fundamentals
  • Basic Internet Services
  • Advanced Internet Services
  • Multi-Agent Systems
  • Annotation Languages and Documents Processing
  • Internet Business Models
  • eCRM
  • mCommerce
  • eMarketing
  • Internet Business Building
  • New Global Economy
  • Analysis and Design of Knowledge Management Systems

Practical Training

  • Databases for Internet Applications
  • Web application development
  • Information and Knowledge Management in Collaborative Networks
  • Certificate Final Project (for specialization)