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Nowadays, there are many ways one can make money by completing various kinds of tasks, such as: plumbing, cable customer support and even bigger ones like Outsourcing. With the advance in economy over the years, the simple task trading system, without any payment method, is becoming unused, because the need to have money for anything is a reality, which means that, for any service you may need, there’s a need to pay for it. Our goal is to bring back those old habits, with a simple Android app developed using the Native Architecture of the Android device and with a cloud-based database and server, without taking out the modern part of the deal, which is the possibility to still get payed to do a task.

Digital platform to provide ad hoc tasks and seasonal paid services, in exchange for services or products, or on a voluntary basis. Advertisers put an open task to applications for a limited period of time, and after the completion of this period the applications would be evaluated by the advertiser who come into contact with the takers in order to wake up the process, and give you more details about it . Upon completion of the task, the takers receive money or retribution (a diploma and / or product).

There are companies and organizations that need specific tasks without the need to hire.

Drain off tasks and minor peeve in companies.

To combat the lack of professional experience, and / or unemployment.

The competitive advantage of the workmen is, first, the fact that it is an innovative platform in this context, acting as a bridge between the workmen and companies, thereby facilitating and accelerating the process of integration into the labor market. 
What differentiates this from other platform, including job search is the bidirectional simplicity of use for companies and workmen, the flexibility it offers in the variables contained in each process and monitoring scrutinized the quality of companies as recruiters, and workmen as resources.

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Academic work

João Dores and João Batista gave their major contribution to TaskWork application, that still with several limitations (13Jul2017), bachelor in Informatics Engineering of the Lusophone University of Humanities and Technologies.

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