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Open Source


OpenSource is generally seen as community work but in a more real perspective, all development is rewarded in some way, being monetarily or not.

This department should be a bridge to make a transition to OpenSource technologies throughout its structure, causing the changes are verified in a loss need to pay license fees, being a pseudo-prison these days.

Everything can be done in open source, programming or using the already existing tools, for flexibility within these systems is practically endless.

Implementation of OS and Applications opensource in public and private institutions.

There are plenty of case studies pointing to the financial savings in the use of operating systems and opensource applications.

In addition, there are numerous entities that have proprietary software fully or partially licensed, this scenario could be avoided.

This initiative aims to provide opensource consulting and implementation of solutions for all public and private institutions concerned for their invoice cost of computing down substantially.

These solutions could not be just for opensource software, will be able to study a mix between opensource software and proprietary to stay more into account, for example, saving on the server and using virtual machines.

Training will be considered.

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