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Launch of GEH Game - Good Eating Habits [Android / Web]

gehThe GEH game - Good Eating Habits ( Android / Web ), published by OER GBL, OSIKMCN Education&Training Area, on 20.07.2015, in partnership with ASCODI - SALUS Association , and José Fialho who supported graphic design and mentoring, it is an educational game that deals with the proper diet, developed entirely by Gonçalo Silva and Rafael Trindade. 
This game cosist in combinations that are allocated in a matrix, and aims to emphasize good nutrition where good food combinations give positive points while unhealthy foods give negative points, one of the goals is competitiveness through score for  bring more attractiveness to the game.



Facebook Graph Search | Semantic Web | Web 3.0

Created: Saturday, 26 October 2013
Written by Fernando Teodósio

We have been waiting for a service like this on Facebook for more than two years. Always have been hearing comments like Facebook search should be as good as Google. Right now is not guaranteed, that will suppress Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines, but it can be said that already belongs to a new generation based on a different universe, an era that is unfolding for more than five years. The creator of Facebook believes that the action of social network based on three basic activities: news feed, Timeline and now also in the search graph. The new model of information seeking aims to respond to very specific user research, cross-reference information for common reference points that allow a more detailed search and a more accurate suggestion. Right now, not yet available to the general public and still in beta. This is another step towards the "Inteligent Web" called (Semantic Web), which was dubbed as "Web 3.0", natural language search, data mining, machine learning, recommendation agents, social networking and collaboration technologies , artificial intelligence, causing the machine comprises the information more easily and increases intuitive user experience.

Source: Fernando José Teodósio